20 Years Experience Selling IT / Networking Parts and Systems
Since 1997 StellCo has provided IT / Networking Equipment, Parts and Service for thousands of US Government Clients around the world.

We have provided - 

IT Equipment and Part Sales, Contractor Engineering and Installation, Maintenance and Technical Services on a Global Scale. We have delivered internationally to US Bases and Consulates in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Pakistan, to name a few. 

We deal directly with our warfighters globally to supply the Equipment, Parts and Services they need through our GSA Contract, and other IDIQ and GWAC vehicles.

Brands we can supply -

Acer / Apple / Asus / Belkin / Black Box / Cables to Go / Canon / Cisco / Crucial Memory / Dell /
Fujitsu / HP / IBM / Juniper / Konica / Lenovo / Liebert / Linksys / Microsoft / Minolta / NetGear /
Panasonic / Samsung / Sony / Sun Microsystems / Western Digital / Vizio /  Xerox / and More!


Legacy Parts

Have you been pressured by OEMs to purchase new equipment because your IT or Networking Equipment is end of life or end of spares? 

Do you need to stretch your equipment’s life due to budget constraints? But your OEM says they cannot supply parts for your equipment because it is end of life? 

If your equipment is working and fulfilling its purpose, why expend all the time and procurement dollars to replace end of life equipment? Sometimes before you have the budget dollars allotted? 

If your equipment is serving the exact purpose you want it to, but you’re suffering from any of the above, you probably do not have to.

StellCo is offering you warrantied, 90 days or manufacturer’s warranty, replacement parts for your end of life equipment. Because let’s face it, the equipment you have is just a collection of parts. And if you can procure those parts for less than half the cost of OEM new parts, why not keep your equipment running smoothly and save the procurement dollars? Just buy the parts you need from StellCo.

We have the parts you need to keep your legacy equipment running smoothly. At prices 40-60% off OEM pricing in most cases. Put some spares on your shelf, just in case. We also offer same day delivery for emergencies, order must be in by 10 AM and the part must be in stock.

The point is, StellCo can give you options. We have been doing this work for twenty years, we know how to supply your IT needs. Contact StellCo today to discuss your options.
New Parts & Systems
Direct from the OEM Supplier, with the manufacturer’s warranty, at prices that are usually 25-30% below the OEM prices. 

Our goal is to offer you the equipment you need at the best prices available. We can provide savings on most major brands and models. This includes complete systems, and of course the parts you need to keep your equipment running at its peak. 

We can provide you with quotes for just about any part you may need, and get it to you anywhere in the world. We have over 10,000 parts on the GSA Advantage. 

If you do not see your part or system on the web please contact us. We are able to quote virtually any part from any system.
New Spares

A new part simply means the part has never been used.

Many companies buy spares for their mission critical equipment. Sometimes these companies or departments never use these parts, they simply sit on the shelf until the equipment is traded out for new equipment, or the company quits business. When this happens, there is no further purpose to keep the spares on the shelf, so they trade them in or sell them. They are still new, but they have been sitting on a shelf for a few years.

Would you accept one of these as a replacement part? If so they are available for most equipment at 50-75% off the MSRP.

Factory Sealed Parts & Systems
Factory sealed means exactly that, sealed at the factory and has never been used. 

These generally come with whatever manufacturer’s warranty is available, or a 90 day warranty, whichever is applicable. Again these could be spares for mission critical applications, or the items have been sold in a large lot to a supplier and they need to sell off excess inventory. 

Either way these items have never been used, and are in the same condition they were in when they came from the factory. 

In general, these items can be purchased for 30-50% off MSRP.
Refurbished Parts

These parts and systems have been used, and then completely inspected and reconditioned for resale, to a new owner by the manufacturer or a supplier. 

The warranties on refurbished items is normally 90 days. However some manufacturers or suppliers offer a limited lifetime warranty, just like they would on a new item. Think of a re-certified or reconditioned used car. It looks new but has a few miles on it 

These items will generally sell for 40-60% off MSRP.

All of these options are just that, options.
You simply decide which option works for your application.

Does a test server or network really require expensive OEM Parts?

Or would a refurbished or used item fill your needs, and save you considerable procurement dollars that can be applied to one of your mission critical applications?
These are the questions you must ask yourself, then make your decision. 

We are available to answer any questions you may have, or to help you decide which way to save money. 

Because in the end, StellCo "will" save you money.