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The Internet infrastructure is the sole connection between us and all of our personal and corporate data. Thus, its availability is critical to mankind's very existence. Realizing this, Tim Stell - a serial entrepreneur and consumer advocate - founded StellCo in 1997. And in 2005 became the first GSA scheduled third party IT and network maintenance service provider. StellCo focuses on making the Internet work better, irrespective of the underlying hardware, software and technologies.

Prior to StellCo Services, the US Government purchased IT and Internet network maintenance services that were delivered by equipment manufacturers in a monopolistic and highly inefficient, fragmented and siloed manner. As a result, internet maintenance service contracts (and therefore consumer Internet connectivity bills) were expensive, while the average mean-time-to-competent-repair of network outages and degradation were prolonged.

StellCo's cloud-based direct-to-tech multivendor support technology, efficient processes and vendor-neutrality resolved these industry challenges, while dramatically reducing consumers Internet costs by up to 40%.

24x7 Direct-to-Tech Support

Available online 24x7x365.
Speak directly to an expert.
No tiered support. 

Software Bug Fixes and Updates*

* OEM has full rights and privileges with regards to bug fixes and updates, StellCo can provide all public updates and bug fixes.

Cloud-based IT Asset Manager

Available online 24x7x365.
Track all your assets in one place, using your secure page online.
Easily mass upload your database files.

Advanced Hardware Replacement and Spares*

*Advanced Replacement or Onsite Spares based on your support level.

StellCo Services vs Smartnet Service on a typical Cisco 6550 Switch -
Approximate savings per year - $225.00


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24x7 Direct-to-Tech Support
Software Bug Fixes from OEM*
Cloud-based IT Asset Manager
SS- 24x7x4

Software Bug Fixes from OEM*
Cloud-based IT Asset Manager
All SS-Lite Features Plus
Onsite Hardware Spares

24x7 Direct-to-Tech Support
Software Bug Fixes from OEM*    
Cloud-based IT Asset Manager   
Advanced Hardware Replacement  
We always work diligently to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions that fit all their Maintenance requirements.

StellCo Incorporated is a recognized leader in Information Technology, 
with a twenty-year history of providing Maintenance Services
to our customers all over the world.

OEM and Third Party Servicing Solutions For ;

Enterprise / Mid-Range - Server Environments | Storage Facilities | Data-Networks


We can proudly say we were the first to provide Government Buyers with Alternate Maintenance Services on the GSA Advantage. We have added literally thousands of Service SKUs to our GSA Schedule. 

This cost effective service equivalent to Dell, Cisco, Juniper, HP and IBM OEM service provides you the services you need at a fraction of the price. StellCo Services gives you the great service and the peace of mind without the monopolistic policies and prices.
Call StellCo Services today to see what your savings might be - 800.536.1966 or 503.655.5477

Faster Response Times | Savings without a loss of Security | Save as much as 40% over OEM Service.